ehem, ehem …
Here, most computers have Linux which I am not familiar with. Moreover, as I cannot write in Farsi, you ought to tolerate reading my English stuff for a while. Anyway …
Edmonton is really cold!!! It is ridiculous that I feel as I do in Tehran’s late Aban (8c today).

3 thoughts on “YAP

  1. Take care of yourself! try not to catch a cold ok?! Does a computer there have a messenger installed? if so, let me see you online!Google Talk is a good choice as well, if there is no Y! messenger
    !Let me feel you are alive
    :*:*:* Take care

  2. amir masoud,
    careful dude, it’ll get more ridiculous in the fall/winter, i’m talking about -40C! just take care of yourself when it gets cold…

    and i wish you a very nice/calm/full of adventure life there. 🙂

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